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Ammonia-Urea Brownfield Project: On Hold
Cost - Rs 4500 crore
Project Description: A Fertilizer company is planning a brownfield ammonia-urea plant with a capacity 2800 MTPD of ammonia and 3850 MTPD of urea at Narmadanagar in Gujarat.
Project Event: Project is on hold due to lack of fund and likely to be active in Q3 2018
The mining industry is still going strong in India.
The website carries here a series of new and brownfield opencast and undergound coal mines
There are also attendant coal washeries
Find out more on these business opportunities available on hand as well a mining conference coming up where you can network for business opportunities.
For Indian LNG suppliers who are willing to tap the transport sector, the website carries here a detailed outline of natural gas engines run on LNG
Details are given of advances in:
– High Pressure Direct Injection engine technology
– High Efficiency Spark Ignited engine technology
– Fuel storage and delivery solutions
How do you then go about building an entire infrastructure around it? is a premier independent analysis and information service focused on the fast growing Indian petrochemical and chemical sectors.
The website provides the most comprehensive coverage of price movements of petrochemical and chemical products across the country.
The website provides the most comprehensive analysis of policy changes, price movements, raw material and finish product imports & exports and industrial business opportunities in the oil & gas sector across the country. Our array of software products help clients get deeper insights into the sector. Our databases can provide valuable inputs into a company's decision making process.

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The fertilizer industry is lobbying hard for prompt return of tax credit on inputs under the GST regime but to no avail as of now
There is also a demand to reduce the GST rate on raw materials from 18% to 5%
But there is no reaction yet from the government.
“There is a due process for it that is followed universally under GST, the fertilizer industry cannot be made an exception,” a top DOF off
India seems to have made no progress at all in pushing power projects in Myanmar.
Myanmar has a huge hydro potential of about 100,000 MW, out of which about 39720 MW has been identified for development so far.
India has zeroed in on two projects, and DPRs showed the tariffs to range between Rs 6 and Rs 10.
But subsequently Myanmar suspended these projects.
Right now India has nothing to show
Fresh research now indicates that there will never be an interaction of demand and supply curves for LNG
Earlier, there were strong indicators that the supply overhang will disappear by early 2020s
This timeline was pushed forward to 2025 in the face of impending new liquefaction FIDs.
But even as the demand curve swings upwards, fresh LNG capacity, propped up by a world awash in gas, will re